Our specialization

We offer a wide variety of electronics engineering services, allowing the design of speciallized signal processing, RF, monitonization, control and other devices.

We offer R&D services for the development of customized networking protocols, signal processing algorithms, complex sensor acquisition and embedded application tasks.

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Product development

Product engineering is a process of many steps.

Systems Engineering

Defines the solution by choosing, simulating and tuning algorithms, processes, protocols and other resources.


A protoype is built using a combination of fast-prototyping resources and custom extensions.

Product Manufacturing

Custom electronics and enclosure engineering enables efficient mass production in compliance with customer requirements.

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Product & System Engineering

We master a wide range of technologies for digital embedded processing, networking, mobility and radiocommunications enabling high value-added solutions even for the most demanding applications.

Functional Device Prototyping

SIDISEL offers a catalog of off-the-shelf PX31 extension and processor boards, fully-tested and cost-effective, enablig the customer to develop flexible and high-quality products with easy and at a minimun of capital expense.

Board & Enclosure Development

Our engineering team performs all necessary tasks to design a high-quality PCB board circuit, ensuring a high-degree of signal and power intergrity, as well as thermal, electromagnetic, mechanical and regulatory compliance.

Build or improve your device prototype

Prototyping is a very powerful technique to validate the viability or suitability of a device. To prototype your product we combine many different technologies to help you get the most accurate evaluation of your product.

You can begin yourself with off-the-shelf commercial prototyping resources. We can help you with firmware development and by designing custom hardware extensions to common prototyping boards for you.

In many cases, as those when mobility, low-power, wide temperature range, reliability and/or real-time operation is critical, the SIDISEL PX31 C0 series of prototyping devices is the best choice for bootstrapping your product to market.

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High frequency and RF electronics

Increasingly more products make use of wireless communications, either by using off-the-shelf RF modules or by designing custom RF circuits.

Digital circuits with increasingly short rise and fall times, switching power supplies and antennas are some factors that make it necessary to perform detailed electromagnetic interactions analysis among different elements of the circuit and their environment.

This allow us to achieve best performance, reduce field couplings and avoid signal degradation to comply with all of the requirements for EM compatibility and immunity (EMC / EMI).

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From design to a finished product with confidence

By following strict design procedures and accurate component models we achieve a high level of compliance between expected performance and manufactured product behaviour.
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Take advantage of processors and FPGAs

We design circuit boards featuring single core and multicore processors for products with highest processing and memory access requirements. These devices are able to run Linux and FreeRTOS operating systems.

FPGAs extend the power of microprocessors with flexibility to fully design complex digital systems in software and excel in parallel processing tasks, like digital signal processing, software-defined radio, motor control or real time multimedia processing.

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Best available technology for best results

High-quality components are critical to achieve best results. Chip-level providers offer solutions ranging from low-power microcontrollers to powerful multi-core processors and FPGAs, power management IC, transceivers, storage devices, interfaces and many, many more.

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Turn your idea or prototype into a competitive product

Professional electronics engineering and product design for your business